Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Group 1

Alice Kho

Elaine Sam Hui Xian
Jocelyn Lim Shi Hui
Brenda Ong Geok Chuan

Group Description
We are a group of passionate students keen to get involved with the environment and are eager to do our part in saving the earth resources. We are third year students currently pursuing Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology in Singapore Polytechnic and feel that it is the most important to start conserving now, rather than to regret in future. It has long been feared that human activity is causing massive destruction to the resources we have now. Despite increased efforts at conservation, it has not been enough and resources continues to deplete by the rate we are consuming now. We hope that by coming out with this little solution to reduce the water consumption and to decrease the uneccesary exposure chemical usage to users. We have a strong aspiration to leave behind a significant impact in Singapore's water management. We want to use the knowledge gained in school to solve problems in real life situation and this competition is a platform to showcase our ideas.
Project description 
Our objective in this project will focus on reducing the chemical usage in swimming pools and looking into innovative new solution to input into water treatment and maintenance system in swimming pools.

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