Saturday, 9 June 2012

Group 3

Not in picture: Teo Jin Hock

Yap Wei Yao

Yap Wei Rong
Teo Jin Hock

Group description
The name of my group is "green sparkle" as mentioned before. My group consists of 2 Civil Engineering students (including me) and 1 Computer Engineering student. Two of us are from NUS year 1 while the other is in year 2.

Project description
We are looking into ways to improve Water Efficient Homes (WEH) programme by exploring the possibility of cheap mountable tap water sensor as an saving water kit. We found out that water wastage will still the common issue if the tap is turned on but without usage. i.e. washing of vegetables, washing hands. Tap water sensor can minimise the water loss through hand motion detection. That is to turn off the tap when no movement is detected. The tap water sensor we are going to achieve should be easy to installed, cheap to make and reliable in the long run.

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